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At Enchanted Beard Company, we care about not only how your beard looks but also how it feels.  Our goal is to take beard grooming to the next level by offering beard products that make your beard look and feel great without it seeming like a chore. Men don’t like to spend hours in front of the mirror.  With our beard grooming products they don’t have to.  Whatever your beard style is, our products will keep you looking sharp.  Enchanted Beard Company offers a full line of beard soaps, beard balms and beard oils to keep you looking sharp, clean and irresistible.  Have a bearded friend?  Our Gift Sets are the perfect present.  It comes with everything from beard soap, beard balm and beard oil.  Give him the opportunity to show just how awesome his beard is!

Keep It Clean

Beard SoapsOur products fulfill the needs of every beard aficionado. Whether your just starting to grow your beard or have been enjoying your long beard for many years, we want our beard grooming products to make you love your beard even more. The vast array of beard stuff offered online can be daunting. At Enchanted Beard Company we are all about beard care from beginning to end! Our Beard Soap is designed to help combat beard itch, dandruff and odor. It’s ideal for both sprouting and established beards. We also offer all natural Shaving Soap. Just because you have a beard doesn’t mean you don’t shave, right? One of the most common issues a lot of guys have are razor bumps. Our Shaving Soap is great for all skin types and helps protect against irritation caused by shaving.


Add a Little Sparkle to Your Beard

Beard-Booster-ComboBeard grooming doesn’t stop there. Our Beard Balm, Beard Booster and Beard Oil are what will take your beard to the next level. They will help you shape your beard as well as turn your beard from a prickly bush to a glorious mane that no one can resist touching. Magnetize your beard and become the hottest man in the room. What are you waiting for? Check out out Beard Products to learn more!

We hope you enjoy exploring our site. Hopefully you will take the next step and try some of our awesome beard grooming products for yourself. If you know someone who might like our products, we have some great gift sets that include many of our beard products. We’re sure he’ll love it!

  • Just got my latest shipment. The beard soap and beard booster are both the best I've been able to find.
  • He just ran out. He loved it. It really did help with his beard druff issue. Can I buy some more???
  • The beard soap is excellent at softening up the hardest bristle in my beard.
  • Very friendly and down to earth.

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