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How To Grow A Beard

Step One – Make The Commitment

how to grow a beardIt’s easy to grow a beard, but to grow a beard requires a little patience and experimentation.  A beard is more than just a style, it’s part of your persona.  When people see you walking down the street, the first thing they see is a confident man with a beard.  You’ll stand out and that’s a great thing.  Are you ready for the challenge to grow a beard?

When talking about beards, where there’s a will, there isn’t always a way.  Unfortunately, genetics play a key part on what your beard will look like.  Some men are blessed with a perfectly shaped and full beard.  Others may find they have bald spots or irregular coloring.   If you don’t have the perfect beard don’t fear, there are multitudes of beard styles out there to choose from.

Are Beards Professional?

Not long ago it was pretty tough to pull off a beard in the workplace.  When I grew my beard for the first time I was amazed at all the heads that turned.  All in all it was a positive experience.  I grew my first beard in college so there really weren’t any kind of professional roadblocks standing in my way.  Once I started getting serious about my career however, I decided to shave it off.  At the time I figured nobody would want to hire a guy with hair on his face.  Boy was I wrong.

If you’re afraid of growing your beard for fear that your boss will ask you to shave it off, start off slow.  Don’t necessarily commit to growing a long beard just yet.  Commit to growing a short beard and keep it nicely trimmed.  After people get used to seeing (and admiring) your new fir, you can go longer.  As long as you keep your new beard trimmed and neat, most people will accept it for what it is: an amazingly enchanting beard.

Step Two – Stop Shaving!

This is by far the most awkward part of growing a beard.  This is where you have to have a thick skin.  Friends and coworkers will undoubtedly remark on your changing appearance.  If you’re truly committed none of this will matter.  Just keep growing.

Shaping Your BeardBeard Balm

Shaping your beard comes during the fourth week of growth.  The reason you want to wait a month is you want to see what you’ve got to work with and after about a month it’ll become obvious.

If you’re going for the full beard, you basically only have to worry about two things: your neckline and your cheekline.

Defining The Neckline

beard-neck-lineYour beard’s neckline serves as a means to frame out your whole look.  Remember that while you pretty much view your beard head-on, everyone else sees you from every direction.  The most common mistake you will see are guys who use their jaw to define their beard’s neckline.  This is an epic failure so don’t do it!  When you let your jaw-line define your neckline, your beard appears unfinished.  To help illustrate where your neckline should rest, imagine a string tied around the crown of your head and tied under your jaw at your Adam’s apple.  The string is represents your neckline.

Defining The Cheek-line

Defining your cheek-line is somewhat optional.  Your natural cheek-line is not unlike your natural hairline atop your head.  Unless your hairline grows to far forward, there’s really no reason to mess with it.  The same is true for you cheek-line.  Unless it is growing to far up there really is no reason to trim it.  Your beard will look better if you’re able to maintain the natural line.  Besides, the more you trim the more work you’re creating for yourself because all that hair will grow back fast!

For more info on establishing the perfect neckline, check out this great article: How To Achieve The Perfect Beard Neckline.

Step Four – Fight The Itch!

Beard Soap itchy beardThe number one reason why guys give up on their beards is itch.  You don’t need fall prey to beard itch though.  There is a simple way around it!  Enchanted Beard offers it’s own Beard Soap specially formulated to combat both itch and flaking skin (dandruff).

So why do beards itch anyway? There’s a couple reasons.  First off, as your whiskers start to get long they start to curl like a cork-screw.  Often times they will start to curl into your skin and the tips of the hairs give you that prickly feeling.  The second reason why beards itch is because of poor maintenance.  Usually this is a result of using the wrong soap to wash your beard.  Some guys will use regular bar soap or shampoo.  Those products seem reasonable but unfortunately will cause your beard to itch AND develop dandruff or beardruff.  Our soap which contains a variety of beneficial oils like Olive and coconut oil help replace the oils that are stripped away when you wash your beard and also help soften your beard hair.  The soap also contains castor oil and pine tar.  These help sooth and calm your skin underneath.

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