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How to Use Beard Balm

How to Use Beard Balm

Give Your Beard a Little More Oomph

how to apply beard balmGet That Beard with Swagger

You know that guy.   You just saw him walking down the street.  He looks smart and confident and his beard is definitely in charge.  Your beard can be in charge too.  Nothing communicates confidence more than a nicely shaped thick beard.

Enchanted Beard Balm and Beard Booster can help you achieve a beard with more body and that is silky soft to the touch.  Revive your beard.  Wake it up!  Our beard balms contain bees wax, coconut oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Seed Oil.  These ingredients work together to enable you to build the perfect beard.

First Things First

beard-balm-comboSuds It Up!

If you’re not using a beard wash or beard soap, you’re probably using regular bar soap or shampoo.  These products dry out your beard by stripping away the oils that keep your beard hairs from becoming overly dry and brittle.  Shampoos and body soaps are like taking a wrecking ball to your beard.

Enchanted Beard Soap is STEP ONE in your new beard maintenance plan.  Whether you use the Enchanted Beard (bar) soap or our NEW Enchanted Beard Wash, you’ll see that your beard will be more comfortable, feel soft and revitalized.

How to Apply Beard Balm

The Busy Bee Has No Time for Sorrow

When you First receive your beard balm you may open the tin and at first, may be a little confused.  You’re probably asking yourself: how do I get this hard beard balm out of the tin? You try and you try but this stuff ain’t gonna budge.  Our balms are made with bees’ wax which make our balms solid.

how-to-use-beard-balmGently Scoop Out the Balm

But how?  In this case being all thumbs is a good thing.
Using the back of your thumbnail, scrape the balm out by stroking the back of your thumbnail over the surface of the balm.


Whow-to-use-beard-balmarm It Up

The bees wax and coconut oil have a fairly low melting point.  When you have accumulated a pea sized amount spread it out into the palm of your hand.  Rub your hands together briskly, enough to melt the balm down.  Massage the balm into your beard.  You may use a hair brush to distribute the balm evenly.

The best time to apply your balm is after a shower when your beard is damp.  That’s it.  Easy right?

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  • Just got my latest shipment. The beard soap and beard booster are both the best I've been able to find.
  • He just ran out. He loved it. It really did help with his beard druff issue. Can I buy some more???
  • The beard soap is excellent at softening up the hardest bristle in my beard.
  • Very friendly and down to earth.

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