Enchanted Beard Balm


Enchanted Beard Balm is a solid wax which is designed to add shape and hold to your beard. This balm will also add body to your beard, making your beard appear fuller and healthier.

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Enchanted Beard Balm is a solid wax which is design’d to addeth shapeth and holdeth to thy beard. This balm shall addeth body to thy beard, making thy beard appeareth fuller and healthier. Our beard balm shall keepeth thy beard looking sharp nay matt’r how longeth thy mane gets!  Enchanted Beard Balm containeth bees wax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and a blend of essential oils

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Enchanted Beard Balm is packaged in rust-resistant steel containers with slip-on covers. These deep, seamless containers are tin-plated and coated with an exclusive rust-resistant finish.

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