Connecting With People

So we’ve been at it for a while and the best part of what we do is connecting with the community.  Regardless of where you are from, there’s no typical bearded guy out there.  Whether you’re rooted in rural America, live in the burbs or relish your urban existence, we’re all unique and valued members of society.

Today was a nice day for us at the Canal District Farmer’s Market.  It’s always nice to connect with people when we’re out at the farmer’s markets.  It’s especially nice when families come and explore all that we have to offer.

Today we met with an especially nice family who’s young daughter was very curious about our beard oil scents.  Dad wasn’t sure what scent to pick so he let his daughter pick for him.  What a great dad!  She chose Viking Courage Beard Oil.  We caught that moment with our camera (with mom and dad’s permission of course) and what a sweet moment it was. See you next time at the market!

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  • Just got my latest shipment. The beard soap and beard booster are both the best I've been able to find.
  • He just ran out. He loved it. It really did help with his beard druff issue. Can I buy some more???
  • The beard soap is excellent at softening up the hardest bristle in my beard.
  • Very friendly and down to earth.

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