Top 5 Things to Do When Growing a Beard

Top 5 Tips When Growing a Beard

Growing a beard takes time, patience and a fare amount of will.  This time of year is a big boon for beards.  The air gets crisp, the nights cool down and then the beards start coming out of hibernation.  Follow these five tips for growing a beard and you’ll end up with a magnificent mane for which you will be envied all winter long.

1 | Throw Away the RazorBeard Tips

This is probably the hardest part.  Your instinct is to look your best every day.  That’s a hard thing to to when Your wired to think shaving your face is crucial to that goal.  Embrace the biological process of growing your beard and enjoy your metamorphosis.

2 | Decide On a Beard Style

Knowing what kind of beard you’re aiming for is really important.  It’s tough to change your mind half way through.  Establishing the correct neckline is probably the most important thing.  Too often guys use their jaw as a guide for what their neckline should be. This is a common mistake. Use our guide to get your neckline shaped correctly and you will be well on your way to having a truly epic beard.


3 | Understand Why Your Beard Itches

Oh but it itches!  We’ve all experienced beard itch at some point in our lives.  It’s uncomfortable.  Do you know why it itches?  There’s a few reasons, actually.  First, your beard hair/ stubble is sharp and wiry.  As the hairs grow they arch and those sharp little tips stab you in the face.  Another reason why you itch is usually due to the Beard Soap itchy beardfact that you’ve been washing your fledgling beard with regular bar soaps or shampoo.  This dries out your skin and makes your beard hairs even more course.  Shampoos and body soaps are like taking a wrecking ball to your beard.

The answer to this dilemma is Enchanted Beard Soap!  Our beard soap will soften up those bristles AND gently cleanse while it conditions. Enchanted Beard Soap is STEP ONE in your new beard maintenance plan.  Whether you use the Enchanted Beard (bar) soap or our NEW Enchanted Beard Wash, you’ll discover with delight that your beard is more comfortable, feels soft and revitalized.


4 | Who Cares What Other People Think

Screw em!  Some bosses may insist you shave but there are plenty of offices that have embraced the beard trend.  Your beard is a biological representation of you!  No two beards are alike.  There are countless historical figures going back thousands of years who have sported beards.  Many cultures view beards as a representation of a man’s virility, epitomizing virtues of wisdom, strength and social status. I began growing my beard out maybe two or three times before I finally committed to the endeavor and I haven’t looked back since.


5 | Start Thinking About Beard Grooming Products

Shaving shave soap

Finally, start exploring the many beard products out there.  You can start by grabbing a bar of our Enchanted Beard Soap!  While you’re at it, also check out our Enchanted Shaving Soap.  I know, we just told you to throw away your razor…well you do need it to shape your neckline so don’t take that first step literally.  Our Enchanted Shaving Soap is all natural and will give you a bump-free neckline.  It contains Shea butter and Bentonite clay for a smooth comfortable shave.

Beard Oil

As your beard gets some length (about 8 weeks), shaping and softening it will be the order of the day.  Try our Enchanted Beard Balms.  They’ll whip you into shape and make everyone swoon.  Finally, don’t forget the beard oil!  Our Enchanted Beard Oils are infused with burdock root, jojoba and grapeseed oil which absorb fast and enchance beard growth.  They are designed with aromatherapy in mind.  Each scent is formulated for a specific state of mind.  For example, Winter’s Eclipse Beard Oil is great for relaxation! Massage it into your beard at night and fall into the most tranquil sleep you’ve ever experienced!


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